Week 4: Lesson 2 Who is this?+ Happy Moon Festival

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This is a quick review of what we learned in the 4th week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^0^


Lesson 1: I love my family.
Lesson 3: What is your name?
Lesson 4: How old are you?
song-10 little children
song-Greeting song
Number 1-20


Lesson 2: Who is this?

Moon Festival Activity

  • About Moon Festival
  • How to Produce Tea?
  • How to Make Tea?
  • Tea Party.

w4 tea party
For more pictures with everybody’s face, please visit the album on PictureTrail, thanks! ^O^


Quiz 1-20
Reading activity-Lesson 2
Complete the poster of “My family”(part 1) oral presentation on Oct 14.

Listen to the example


Prepare for your presentation of “About Me” next week (Oct 7)!
Listen to the CD of lesson two: Who is this?
Worksheet Lesson 2

Week 3: Lesson 1 I Love My Family +Pinyin Unit 1

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This is a quick review of what we learn this week. Please review or catch up, if you miss the class. ^0^


Number 1-10
Animals: Kitten, puppy, birdie, chick, bunny, and little fish.
Sentences: What’s your name? My name is **. How old are you? I am * years old. Hello. Hello, teacher. Hello, everyone. Thank you. Goodbye.

Song: Ten little children

Ten little children

Download the handout here.


*十個(ten)印第安(Indian)小朋友(children) ^0^


Pinyin Unit 1: b m z a ao
Number 1 to 20

Lesson 1: I love my family

Song: I love my family
Lyrics can be downloaded here.

How to sing it?

Song with music: please check your e-mail.

Activity in Class

Complete your name tag.
Complete your poster of “About Me.” (Oral presentation is next week)

Reading-Lesson 1
Start to draw your family picture for oral-My family
Quiz 1-10


  • Worksheet of L1, review with your little book and audio CD of lesson 1,3 and 4 if you haven’t had a chance to do so.
  • Please submit one or two family photo by on October 7.
  • Practice for your oral presentation for October 7. Please visit my website to listen to the demo ^O^ We will review next week as well.