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Week 1: BPM Song and Lesson 3 What’s Your Name

September 10th, 2017

This is a quick review of what we learn on the 1st week.
Please review or catch up, if you are new to class. ^0^

The bpm song

(lyrics can be found here)

Single sound:
Regular speed:


Hello, everyone!
Hello, teacher!

Hello, goodbye, and thank you

Hello! 你好!
Hello, everyone! 大家好!
Hello, teacher! 老師好!
Goodbye! 再見!
Goodbye, teacher! (teacher, goodbye) 老師再見!
Thanks. 謝謝。
Thanks teacher. 謝謝老師。

The Greeting Song

Hello! Hello!
Goodbye! Goodbye!
I am sorry. It’s all right!
Thank you. (repeat 8 times)
You are welcome.^0^!!
The worksheet can be downloaded here.

Let’s sing it!

Count from 1 to 10

(yi1 er4 san1 si4 wu3 liu4 qi1 ba1 jiu3 shi2)

Activities in Class

  1. Each kid’s photo was taken.
  2. Teacher and parent meeting.


  • Review bpm song, tone marks, number 1-10 and greeting song. You can download the handout of tone marks here.
  • Next week we will continue Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 so please bring the book of Lesson 3 and 4. (You can put your kid’s name on each book.^0^)

How to Decide a Chinese Name for My Child?

September 1st, 2017

If you consider to translate English name into Chinese directly, you can check or type English on Yahoo Dictionary. However, please make sure you talk to me or someone who understands Chinese to make sure the name is okay.^0^

If you want to select a name with a meaning of something, for example, “love,” you can also use Yahoo Dictionary. For example, when you see a word “愛”, and you want to learn more about it, simply copy and paste the word on the search bar, and it will show you its specific meaning. If you choose the “wrong” word, for example, you chooe “熱” instead of “愛”, then the dictionary will tell you that “熱” means “hot.” ^0^ Each Chinese character stands its meanings, but when two characters are put together, they might form a phrase that develops new meanings. On the other hand, if you look up the meanings of each individual character of a phrase, for example, “熱愛,” you will learn that the individual characters do not necessary lead toward the same meaning of the phrase.^0^

w3 name

If you know the pinyin (sound), and want to choose a character for it, you can use YB Chinese English Dictionary. Select “Pinyin >> Chinese” first, then type pinyin on it. It will show you the Chinese character and English meaning. Here’s a little practice: please type “ai4” and see what it says in English.

W3 YB CE dictionary

I am going to give your kids one or two Chinese names. Please look up the meanings with your kids. You are welcome to make your own Chinese names, just let me know what they are (you can copy-and-paste the characters if you have them). We are going to use Chinese names in the class.