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Week 4: Lesson 2 Who is this?

October 2nd, 2016

This is a quick review of what we learned in the 4th week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^0^


Lesson 1: I love my family.
Lesson 3: What is your name?
Lesson 4: How old are you?
song-10 little children
song-Greeting song
Number 1-20


Lesson 2: Who is this?


Student presentation: About Me
You are awesome! I am so impressed that everyone did a great job! ^0^

Complete Bingo sheet-fill in family members, e.g. yeye, nainai, baba, mama, gege, jiejie, didi, meimei, wo.
Reading activity-Lesson 2
Complete the poster of “My family”(part 1) oral presentation on Oct 15.

Listen to the example


Number 11-20
Prepare for your quiz of matching number 1-20 next week!!
Listen to the CD of lesson two: Who is this?
Worksheet Lesson 2

Week 3: Lesson 1 I Love My Family +Pinyin Unit 1

September 24th, 2016

This is a quick review of what we learn this week. Please review or catch up, if you miss the class. ^0^


Number 1-10
Animals: Kitten, puppy, birdie, chick, bunny, and little fish.
Sentences: What’s your name? My name is **. How old are you? I am * years old. Hello. Hello, teacher. Hello, everyone. Thank you. Goodbye.


Pinyin Unit 1: b m z a ao
Number 1 to 20

Song: Ten little children

Ten little children

Download the handout here.


*十個(ten)印第安(Indian)小朋友(children) ^0^

Lesson 1: I love my family

Song: I love my family
Lyrics can be downloaded here.

How to sing it?

Song with music: please check your e-mail.

Activity in Class

Complete your name tag.
Complete your poster of “About Me.” (Oral presentation is next week)

Reading-Lesson 1
Start to draw your family picture for oral-My family
Bingo Game-what’s your name?
Quiz 1-10


  • Worksheet of L1, review with your little book and audio CD of lesson 1,3 and 4 if you haven’t had a chance to do so.
  • Please submit one or two family photo by on October 8.
  • Practice for your oral presentation for October 1. Please visit my website to listen to the demo ^O^ We will review next week as well.