Week 17&18: Learn about Chinese New Year and Cultural Experience

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This is a quick review of what we learned this week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^0^

Chinese New Year and Cultural Experience

What did I learn?

Spring Festival (春節) is the first day of the lunar calendar year. The family will have a gathering and get together.

12 Zodiac Song


What did we do this week?

A. Lantern station


B. Drawing on my “luck and fortune” hu2 lu2 station


C. Calligraphy station

You can write spring couplets!
w16 calligraphy

D. Paper cutting station

Cut two “spring” then bring it to station E.

E. Stamp and picture station

Make your own spring picture with “spring” and stamps.

F. Password time

Say “恭喜發財,新年快樂” (gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2 xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4) to your parents or teacher in order to get you a red envelope (紅包).


Chinese New Year package.

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