Week 13: Lesson 22 Drawing and Lesson 16 What Date is Today?

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This is a quick review of what we learned this week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^o^


Lesson 5 The balloons flew away. “What color do you like?”


Pinyin unit 5 n x shi si

Lesson 22 Daddy drew a purple balloon.

Lesson 16 What Date is Today? (Related to Lesson 16)
The characters of 月(yue4) and 日(ri4).
Handout can be downloaded here.

How to say it?

今天是幾月幾日? (What date is it today?)
今天是五月一日。(Today is May 1st.)
你的生日是幾月幾日? (When is your birthday?)
我的生日是十月十五日。(My birthday is October 15th.)
生日快樂! (Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Song

The lyrics can be downloaded here.

How to sing it?

Month Song

Use ten little Indians song tune
The lyrics is the same above.


  1. Bingo game
  2. Complete poster of “My Birthday” – oral presentation on 1/20
  3. Reading – Lesson 16 and 22


  1. Handouts for Lesson 16 and 26.
  2. Pinyin Unit 5
  3. Poster contest due on 1/13

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