Week 10: Lesson 5 The Balloons Flew Away and Final Study guide

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This is a quick review of what we learned this week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^o^


All songs
Final exam study guide
What do you like to do? I like to swim …


Lesson 5 The balloons flew away. “What color do you like?”

Handout can be downloaded here.

How to say it?


  1. Reading: Lesson 5
  2. Draw the colors you and one of your family members like
  3. Review/practice for final quiz

Study Guide

How to say it?



  1. No class on 11/18 and 11/25. See you on 12/2.
  2. Prepare for reading assessment on 12/2.
  3. Study your study guide, practice songs and oral presentation for 12/9.
  4. Write handout of Lesson 5.