Week 1: BPM Song and Lesson 3 What’s Your Name

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This is a quick review of what we learn on the 1st week.
Please review or catch up, if you are new to class. ^0^

The bpm song

(lyrics can be found here)

Single sound:
Regular speed:


Hello, everyone!
Hello, teacher!

Hello, goodbye, and thank you

Hello! 你好!
Hello, everyone! 大家好!
Hello, teacher! 老師好!
Goodbye! 再見!
Goodbye, teacher! (teacher, goodbye) 老師再見!
Thanks. 謝謝。
Thanks teacher. 謝謝老師。

The Greeting Song

Hello! Hello!
Goodbye! Goodbye!
I am sorry. It’s all right!
Thank you. (repeat 8 times)
You are welcome.^0^!!
The worksheet can be downloaded here.

Let’s sing it!

Count from 1 to 10

(yi1 er4 san1 si4 wu3 liu4 qi1 ba1 jiu3 shi2)

Activities in Class

  1. Each kid’s photo was taken.
  2. Teacher and parent meeting.


  • Review bpm song, tone marks, number 1-10 and greeting song. You can download the handout of tone marks here.
  • Next week we will continue Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 so please bring the book of Lesson 3 and 4. (You can put your kid’s name on each book.^0^)