Week 14: Lesson 17 My Family + Lesson 26 I can Crawl

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This is a quick review of what we learned this week. Please review or catch up, if you missed the class. ^O^


Actions, for example: read, dance, jump, fly, etc.

What date is today? When is your birthday?

(Related to Lesson 16)

Happy Birthday Song

The lyrics can be downloaded here.

How to sing it?

Month Song

Use ten little Indians song tune.
The lyrics is the same above.


Lesson 26 I can Crawl

Handout can be downloaded here.
A: _____ says: “I can _____.”
B: “I can’t _____,” says _____

How to say it?

My Family

Introduce your family members one by one.
Requirements: The presentation will be on March 11.
1. Greetings and your name. “Hello, everybody. I am <your Chinese name>.”
2. Introduce people in the picture, the family members’ names and your siblings’ names and age.
3. Thank you (Thank everyone.)
For example:

Sample presentation


Reading: Lesson 17 and 26
Complete the poster of oral presentation: “My Birthday.”
Complete the poster of “My family” part two


Handouts for Lesson 17 and Lesson 26

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